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Getting organized can be as stylish and fabulous as the day planners and organizers created by momAgenda. momAgenda is a company that is owned and is personally managed by Nina Restieri, a stay-at-home mom of four lovely kids and a formerly successful ad executive of a family business. Because Nina herself is a mother, she deeply understands the desire of every mother from everywhere to have an organized life despite a hectic schedule. So she created momAgenda planners and organizers to respond to these needs of every mom.

momAgenda planners and organizers are beautifully designed based on needs and purposes. Nina classified them into:

momAgenda has also launched new products that are as well perfect for some specialized use. They are:

Mom-inspired Journalscome on super soft textures with 256 pages to fill your to-do list, dreams, or just whatever you are thinking. These journals are on perfect size to fit a purse or nightstand. Available in four mom-inspired sayings in two rich hues of:

School Years are one of the most-loved items of momAgenda. It is a convenient portfolio that helps you organize important mementos during grades school years like report cards, school pictures, and writing and artwork samples. School Years are available in:

Also available:

It took Nina about a year of extensive research and studies before momAgneda was finally ready to be launched on the world of business. On its first run, its planners and organizers were amazingly sold out within 3 days only to over 120 stores. That drastic sales results compelled her to maintain the business so as to continue outreaching those moms who desire to have an organized life despite their hectic schedules.

momAgenda: What makes it different?

There are actually a lot of factors that distinguishes momAgenda from all the others. To name them, they are enumerated as follows:

  • momAgenda products are created and designed by the one who sincerely understands your planning and organization needs.
  • Moms are given the option to have an organized life despite their chaotic schedule through the helpful products made by momAgenda.
  • momAgenda continues to innovate and invent new products to suit with the current trends and latest styles in fashion.
  • Products are offered in various design selections to fit your preference.
  • All the old, new, and future products of momAgenda are and will be conceptualized based on the changing needs.
  • momAgenda products are conceived mainly for moms but are also sensible to be utilized by anyone who wants a systematic itinerary and smooth flow of life.
  • Shopping for momAgenda products is made accessible and easy for everyone. It has store outlets located in every city of the US and even extends worldwide.
  • momAgenda offers wholesale product prices for business enthusiasts.
  • Everyone is also given an opportunity to earn extra income by joining their affiliate program.
momAgenda vs. primary competitors (sites similar to momAgenda)

The features of every planner and organizer brands are compared as follows:


  • with zestful numbers that will surely keep mom on track
  • dates are aligned with the school year that begins in August allowing mom to be in sync with her kids' schedule
  • with monthly and weekly calendars divided into sections for everyone's activities
  • with built-in address book and party planner
  • size: 7” x 9”

Truly Mom:

  • available in a wide array of stylish design selections
  • cover is made of linen and mock-leathers
  • monthly calendar is set in the middle with notepads on either side that will help you plan your day, make lists, and take nots.
  • size:9” x 6” x 1/2”

Mom's Plan-it by

  • tested by its staff and approved by moms
  • calendar also starts in beginning of the school year (August and goes until December of the following year)
  • with detachable grocery and menu lists
  • with space for to-dos
  • with stickers to be used for charting important events
  • size: 11” x 12”


  • Inserting mom-inspired quotations on momAgenda's journals is a remarkable idea.
  • Refills are available when all the pages are used up which allows moms to economize.
  • Up to 50% discounts are given on some items.


  • Designs are quite limited to plain and simple styles unlike it's competitors that offer themed design collections.
  • MomAgenda targets only moms as main users.
  • MomAgenda should also have address books added as another item on their list of products.
momAgenda: Pricing & packages

The specific prices of the individual items compared on the previous section:


  • price: $42

Truly Mom:

  • price: $55

Mom's Plan-it by

  • price: $13.99

Here are the top 10 Best Seller items of each company that may also be of your shopping interest:

  1. OP SELLER! 2012-2013 momAgenda Spiral Refill $24.00
  2. School Years (large) - As seen on the Today Show! (aqua) $25.60
  3. momAgenda Family Planner $16.95
  4. School Years (large) - As seen on the Today Show! (rose) $25.60
  5. 2012-2013 momAgenda Desktop (zebra) $43.00
  6. 2012-2013 myAgenda Desktop (cosmo-pink) $43.00
  7. 2012-2013 myAgenda Spiral Refill $24.00
  8. Personal Portfolio Refills (Blank Lined Refill Pages (20) $6.50
  9. Weekly Menu/Grocery Pad $7.95
  10. Personal Portfolio Calendar Refill (Jan-Dec 2012) $6.00

Truly Mom Best Sellers items list is not available on their wensite. Best Seller items are:

  1. Llewellyn's Astrological 2012 Wall Calendar $6.99
  2. FDNY Firefighters 2012 Deluxe Wall Calendar $7.97
  3. Castle 2012 Wall Calendar $5.59
  4. Hubble Space Telescope 2012 Wall Calendar $7.47
  5. SI Swimsuit 2012 Poster Calendar $8.49
  6. Cottage Country 2012 Wall Calendar $7.99
  7. Garden Bouquets 2012 Wall Calendar $6.99
  8. Spring Break 2012 Wall Calendar $5.59
  9. Shoes 2012 Gallery Desk Calendar $7.99
  10. 365 New Words-A-Year Page-A-Day 2012 Desk Calendar $6.49
momAgenda: Product images & screenshots
momAgenda Coupons
momAgenda: Customer reviews & comments

The following are the customer reviews and ratings of momAgenda products found at

By Brooke (PORTLAND, OR, US)

This review is from: momAgenda Desktop Planner (Fuchsia) (1"H x 7"L x 9"W) (Kitchen)

"I LOVE my Mom Agenda Planner, however, I do believe that the price is incredibly high for a planner that you use for one year, as well as one that could use some improvements - such as more room to write days activities, etc.; as well as less space for "vacation planning", "website passwords" (who puts their passwords in their planner, where is says "website passwords"????). I love the organization of it all, the bookmarks, and most everything else about it, however the price is very high. If it were a $30.00 planner, I would continue to purchase. I have used Mom Agenda Planner for two years now - but am looking for a new brand for 2011. I cannot justify spending almost $50 on a planner - when I see other great ones out there for a 1/4 of the price!" However, if you are willing to spend the $, it is a great planner, and will keep you organized - as it has a space for practically anything/everything you can think of!"

By C. Rouse (Greenville, NC United States)

This review is from: momAgenda Desktop Planner (Fuchsia) (1"H x 7"L x 9"W) (Kitchen)

"This calendar runs along with the school year so when your teacher hands you all those dates, you don't have to hang on to it all until January. This is my third year using the calendar and I couldn't imagine using anything else. Lots of space and looks great!"

By SaigeMama

This review is from: momAgenda Desktop Planner (Fuchsia) (1"H x 7"L x 9"W) (Kitchen)

"Literally my very very thing that i own- I was so unorganized, I would miss appointments trying to keep everything jumbled in my head and since the MyAgenda I have no longer had the issue. I just bought my 4th book which is now a Momsagenda which i do every year before August, which is when the myagenda calendar year starts. Really is a must have, if you carry a big purse get the desktop planner! so much room I am able to write everything for work, my daughter, appointments, my husbands appointments, and even the dinner plan! Worth every penny! I also love how the layout NEVER changes so you don't have to get used to something different every year."

Best Available momAgenda Coupon:
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